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The shop will be closing @ 3:00 PM on Saturday, August 13th.
Thank you for your understanding.

Dear quilting friends ~~

We simply love this time of year!  We are busy welcoming new and returning guests to our shop and enjoying the many summer musical events, outdoor festivals, and parades for which the Rangeley Region is so well known.  It's been great meeting so many folks who are enjoying the camp grounds in our area this year and we love hearing whether it's tents, pop-ups, or all the comforts of home in the RV for you.

It's quilt show time and it was fun to meet up with Deb Tucker in between her classes at Maine Quilts, 2011.  Several of our local and seasonal quilters enjoyed classes at the show and we can't wait to see the techniques they learned.  We are honored that all three of Dan & Carol's show quilts were recognized with ribbons at Augusta.

“Shattered Nine Patch” is a multi-year, original design, reversible quilt by Dan with overall machine quilting by Carol.  Stepping totally out of his usual fabric style, Dan began this exploration with a bin full of 1930's reproduction fabric nine patch blocks left over from some baby quilts Dan had pieced for the shop.  By slicing and cross cutting the nine patch blocks in a variety of directions and angles, Dan rearranged all the pieces, creating a stunning overall pattern on the front of the quilt.  Easily composed of greater than 7,000 pieces, the quilt showcases diminutive triangles that sparkle across the quilt top.  Still having some “leftovers”, Dan then created strips that “tell the story” of the creation of the quilt front and set them together to create the reverse side of the quilt.  Then came the dilemma of how to hang a two-sided quilt.  Busy in the studio once again, now with only the smallest amounts of fabrics left, Dan pieced a hanging sleeve that is above the quilt, thus allowing both sides to be viewed.  This quilt was recognized with a yellow 3rd place ribbon AND a light blue VIEWERS CHOICE ribbon!

“All Tuckered Out”, designed and pieced by Dan, quilted by Carol, is named for the many Deb Tucker tools used in the piecing process.  In a limited palette of red, cream, and black traditional quilt fabrics, Dan explored the possibilities for using the V Trimmer, the Square 2, and the Tucker Trimmer in piecing the quilt blocks as well as the borders. The block units interact with one another in a way that invites the viewer to try to see where one block ends and the next one begins.  This large bed-sized quilt was recognized with a yellow 3rd place ribbon.

“Starburst Galaxy”, designed, pieced and quilted by Carol is an exploration of V Trimmer pieced star blocks in many sizes, featuring a rich autumnal brown and gold palette of batik fabrics.  The tiniest of stars were paper pieced.  Always aware of the beauty of nature, Carol's block arrangement is much like the galaxy patterns she enjoys in the Rangeley night sky.  For Carol, it is the quilting that makes her heart sing.  Each swirling curve and feather enhances her pieced arrangement of stars.  The dance and rhythm of the quilting creates a magnificent backdrop for her pieced galaxy.  This quilt was recognized with a blue 1st place ribbon.

Now that our quilts are home from Maine Quilts, we'd love for you to stop by our showroom and enjoy them.  It may be the fabrics that catch your eye, the elaborate machine quilting, or the original and intricate piecing designs.  They are each treasures and filled with memories of the time spent creating them.  We look forward to sharing them with you!

With concern about the present economy and our unemployment rate in America these days, we are teaming up with one of our main suppliers, Checker Distributors, to be sure we are stocking as many products as possible that are Made in the U.S.A.  Checker President, Rob Krieger, has launched an initiative to increase the percentage of U.S.A. products available to quilt shops and says, “If we all take the time to focus on these products and stock them in our inventory, we can do our part to help put Americans back to work.”  Our website store will soon be identifying such products with the “Made in the USA” logo.  Please watch for them and help us put America back to work.  Of course, we are proud that all quilted items sold in our showroom are not only made in America, but made in Rangeley, Maine, USA!

Fons & Porter have teamed up with the Quilter's Club of America to offer a free quilt shop locator app for both Apple and Droid phones.  Armed with your phone and a GPS unit, you can quickly and easily find quilt shops along you way as you travel. 

Did you know that pressing hard with a dull blade in your rotary cutter will wear your mats out more quickly?  Once those grooves begin on your mat, your blades will grow dull more quickly too.  Olfa recommends wiping all fuzzy debris from the mat after every project and moist cleaning them to restore moisture.  This will restore and revitalize your mat.  Click here for more information.

The recent “Crown Jewels” class was a whir of activity and beautiful fabrics as students turned out Rapid Fire Lemoyne Stars with precise points and flat seams.  Now it's time to sign up for GROOVY GIRLS II which gets underway August 31st.  Remember that this series of 6 monthly meetings each has a different focus, so you may choose to attend one or two, or sign up for all six.

If doing your own thing is more your style, please join us for an Open Studio Day.
  • Monday, August 22nd
  • Monday, September 19th
  • Monday, October 24th
We've found a scissors and knife sharpening service who will stop at Threads Galore to pick up and deliver.  Please let us know if you're interested.

“Meadow Friends” are two kid friendly bolts, in Pond Blue or Dirt Brown, featuring turtles, frogs, and dragonflies.  These would make terrific pillow cases, fun quilt backings, or work well with other fabrics in a quilt top.
Our “woodsy fabric” wall has two new bolts of fish fabric and fishing fly fabric.
Persia” by P&B Fabrics has just arrived.  Described as “ethnic Jacobean”, this collection is opulent, sophisticated, subtle and gorgeous.  In several shades of cool blues and greens from willow to olive, some with golden highlights, the prints offered include a stylized airy floral, all over feathery vines and tonals in small and large scales and a border print that combines them all.  Carol and Martha simultaneously declared, “this line would make a great quilted bag!”

Knotty Baskets”, designed by Aunties Two, is not only fun to make but so versatile to use.  From a knitting basket to magazine storage, in the bathroom for rolled towels to the mudroom for scarves and mittens, even a bed for your favorite feline, three sizes are featured in the instructions.  CrafTex in precut rolls allow you to be weaving your fabric strips with ease

Whether you are weaving a fabric basket on your lawn, hand turning a quilt binding in the rocker on your porch, browsing through a favorite quilt book at the beach, or simply daydreaming about your next quilt, we hope you are enjoying being outdoors on these beautiful summer days.  As always, don't forget to stop and smell the flowers!

Hope to see you soon,

Carol, Dan & Martha
Threads Galore Quilt Shop
Rangeley, Maine
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