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Dan Perkins, Certified Instructor for Studio 180 Design 207-864-5752
Threads Galore Quilt Shop & Retreat Center
P.O. Box 219
Rangeley, Maine 04970
I started quilting in 1995, about the time my wife, Carol, and I opened Threads Galore Quilt Shop in Rangeley, Maine. Almost from the very beginning, I felt the need to design my own “patterns” and to not follow those designed by others. I have no idea how many quilts I have made over the years.   I would have to say, though, that the majority have been of my own design.
I have exhibited in many quilt shows and have been awarded multiple ribbons. These shows range from the annual Maine Quilts to the Machine Quilter's Expo (MQX) with several ribbons from MQX. My proudest moment was receiving the Viewer's Choice Award at Maine Quilts a few years ago for a reversible quilt of my own design called “Shattered Nine Patch Squared”. This quilt would have been nearly impossible to accomplish without Studio 180's Tucker Trimmer Tool.
Using Studio 180 Design tools allows me the opportunity to create intricately pieced quilt tops, repeatedly and uniformly. As a Studio 180 Certified Instructor, I look forward to introducing, and sharing with others, the concept of consistent precision piecing through the use of the Studio 180 Design tools.
At this time, I am accepting bookings for Classes and Trunk Shows. Basic information is included below and further details can be worked out by contacting me directly.
TRUNK SHOWS ~ I will show and describe my award winning quilts as well as other quilts, illustrating my progress and development as a quilter over the past 18 years. Many of my recent quilts were designed around Studio 180 Design tools and utilized their methods and techniques, as well as some of my own. I plan a Trunk Show to run about 1 to 1-1/2 hours, with time allowed for questions and answers.
CLASSES/WORKSHOPS ~ All classes are focused on Studio 180 design tools and techniques. Most classes require a small amount of cutting prior to the class. Students may require additional time, on their own, to complete their project. Maximum number of students is twenty per class.
Fees & Policies
Full day class (6 hours)      $500.00
Half day class                    $350.00
Multiple day workshop       Please contact me for more information.
Trunk Show                       $350.00 ($300.00 if booking Trunk Show & Workshop Together)
Travel fees ~ reimbursement at current IRS rate per mile.
Lodging ~ Motel/Hotel accommodations, with WiFi, for destinations more than 100 miles  
                         from Rangeley, Maine.
Product Sales ~ I reserve the privilege to display books, patterns, tools, and related items available for sale at Trunk Shows and Workshops. Class time will not be used for selling these products. No commissions or other percentages will be paid to the sponsor, as the Trunk Show and Workshop fees listed here are based on an expectation of sales.