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Fall Quilt Camp 2017 Projects

All projects require the purchase of Studio 180 patterns and necessary tools




Quilt Size: Three Sizes (Throw, Twin, or King)

Tools: S180 Tucker Trimmer 1, V Block, Corner Beam and Split Rects


A new pattern created by Michelle Renee Hiatt using a bouquet of Studio 180 techniques, which will make your units and blocks perfect!  The combination of the Peaky and Spike units with the Split Rectangle units gives this quilt great circular movement, add the 4-Pointed Star and you have a bouquet.

Learn how to use Studio 180 Design’s (Deb) Tucker Trimmer 1, V Block, Corner Beam, and Split Rects. These Studio 180 tools, designed by Deb Tucker, will revolutionize the way you piece going forward.  Additionally, you will get tips on the best way to measure and piece your borders for a perfect quilt.

The class will include step-by-step use for all four tools, as well as additional examples of how to use the Studio 180 Tools to make your quilting life easier.  Plus, tons of tips on matching points, squaring up your blocks and general machine piecing tips and tricks.




Quilt Size: Three sizes (Throw, Twin, or King)

Tools: S180 Large Square Squared and Diamond Rects 


Storm at Sea quilts are amongst those bucket list quilts, but wait no longer, this quilt uses Deb Tucker’s Studio 180 Design’s latest tool the large Square Squared and the Diamond Rects.   No paper piecing! 

Michelle’s design puts a modern spin on the typical Storm at Seas quilt layout.  Michelle used 12 graduating colors which gives it that calm smooth feeling.  This quilt works great with Solid, Tone on Tone or Batiks fabric.  Pattern includes 3 size options (Throw, Twin, King) and you will be amazed how easily this quilt comes together with the right tools!

Learn how to use Deb Tucker's latest Large Square Squared™ and Diamond™ as you make this fabulous quilt. The class will include step-by-step use for both tools, as well as tips on piecing and proper pressing techniques to make this quilt perfect!  Additionally, we will talk through the appropriate border prep and application and ways to improve your general machine piecing.




Quilt Size: Two sizes (Throw or Twin)

Tools: S180 Tucker Trimmer 1, V Block, and Corner Pop


An upcoming pattern release from Michelle Renee.  The assortment of color, the different units and their placement really makes this quilt sparkle.  This quilt comes together using a mix of 9 patches, 16 patches, and 4 patches.  A fabulous fabric stash buster, offered in 2 sizes; using fat quarters for the throw and half yards for the twin.   Go for high contrast for this quilt!

Learn how to use Deb Tucker's Tucker Trimmer™ and V Block™ and Corner Pop™ as you make this wonderful quilt, already a favorite of many. The class will include step-by-step instructions for all three tools, as well as learning to twirl your four patches!  Tips on how to stay organized and the best method to piece the combination of different quilt blocks.  Plus as always, ways to improve your general machine piecing. 



Quilt Size: Three sizes (Large Wall Hanging, Throw or Queen)

Tools: S180 Tucker Trimmer 1, V Block, Square2 and Corner Beam


A Threads Galore Quilt Shop pattern, Chasing Points was created to utilize four Studio 180 Design Tools ~  Studio 180’s V-Block™, Corner Beam™, Tucker Trimmer I™ and Square2™.  The design of the quilt allows for the left over pieces from the creation of the Corner Beam blocks to be used in the V-Block sashing units resulting in the color chosen flowing into the sashing from the blocks.


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